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The Bishop Family have been farming PrairiErth Farm’s 300 acres for about 30 years. Located in the center of Illinois about 160 miles from downtown Chicago, the Bishops operate a diversified farm and raise a bit of about everything.

Dave's three children– son Hans and his wife Katie, Kristin, 18, and Graham, 9–share the work by helping with chores and production.  Prairierth crops include corn, soybeans, oats, alfalfa and grass hay, and a large assortment of vegetables. They also have 25 pasture-raised beef cattle and about 750 chickens each summer for meat and eggs. We find the bond between the land and those who live and work on it to be very important.  Prairierth farm also has an acre of native prairie plants including flowers and grasses.

Meet the Bishops!

Farmer Dave:  Dave has over 30 years experience.  His area of expertise lies in about everything and has his hands in about every area.  Dave primarily oversees the corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, alfalfa, meats, and egg production.  His wisdom and experiences are the backbone of the entire farm, providing guidance for fertility, growing methods, and other farming techniques.

Farmers Hans & Katie:  We welcome Katie to the Bishop family first of all and she has been a good addition to the farm team.  Hans grew up on the farm and found himself slowly coming back.  With Dave’s guidance, Hans and Katie started the vegetable enterprise together.  Katie took a quick green thumb and started growing herbs and flowers, she still works closely with Hans and his vegetables.  Together Hans and Katie brought the farm to the Bloomington Farmers Market and started a CSA.  Being a part of the next generation, it seems fitting to have Katie and Hans manage the internet marketing.  Might we add too that Katie’s Farm Blog is quite popular!

Kristin & Graham:  Dave’s youngest two are busy with school, Kristin attends U of I in Champaign; Graham the 4th grade.  When home they help out when possible, although everyday it seems as if Graham can do more and more!

Having farmed conventionally, we've seen firsthand the detrimental effects on the soil, and to the farm and rural communities.  It is our goal to play a part in limiting our ecological footprint by caring for the earth, not just for us, but future generations as well.  Organic farming is very special to us, we enjoy working with the land and sharing our products with customers, with whom we develop a very special relationship with, because together we believe organic is more than just a practice, it is a way to influence a healthy life in our community, and provide a sustainable way of producing food.

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