Fresh, local, organic

food made easy

Our Community Supported Agriculture programs offer you lots of choice and flexibility.

Because we know these things are important to you:

  1. -Convenient pick-up locations & home delivery options!

- Very flexible payment plans, pay the deposit now and the rest isn’t due until the spring!

  1. -Extras like discounts on our meat, freebies, access to other farmer’s products and on-farm events

  1. -Support, inspiration and education so you aren’t left with vegetables you don’t know how to use.

  1. -Safe, clean food from our certified organic farm 

- Different share sizes to accommodate your needs!

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Each week for 24 weeks Traditional CSA members will receive a “share” of in-season vegetables harvested super fresh just for them. We strive for 5-7 different varieties per week. We also offer a trade table where members can trade veggies they don’t like for ones others traded. In addition, you’ll receive recipes and storage tips for the veggies in your share! We grow over 100 different varieties of vegetables so your shares should never get boring. You’ll also have the opportunity to order our other farm products such as meat, and fruit, flowers, fruit, cheese, meat, honey and more!

The membership dues are $475 for the full season. Payment plans are available. When broken down, the cost of the CSA is only $19.79 a week for super fresh, organic veggies. You’ll find our prices to be more affordable than places like Jewel, Kroger, Hyvee or even Walmart!

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Our Choice CSA program gives our members the flexibility they need.  Choose what you want, how much you want, and when you want by logging into your account each week and making unlimited modifications to your share.

- Need more veg one week and less the next? Done.

- Don’t ever want beets in your share? Done!

- Do you have a smaller household and need less veg? Done!

- Want to dip your toes into the CSA and see if you like it? Done!

- Travel a lot during the summer? This is perfect for you!

- Want to take a week off? Done! Just don’t order.

Full size:  start off with 475 credit points (like dollars) to spend. Cost of the Full Size Choice CSA is $565

Half size: start off with 250 credit points to spend (like dollars). Cost of the Half Size CSA: $350

You must use your entire point balance before the end of the season as there will be no refunds. You can only use your credit towards vegetable purchases. The price of the Choice CSA includes a small weekly fee to help us cover the cost of boxes, software and labor to individually pack your order.

Browse our program options, pick-up locations and sign-up here!

Hear what are our members saying about our Choice CSA

“We LOVED being able to adjust our weekly share to reflect our cooking ambitions, mood, curiosity, or family schedule each week. While we’ve always enjoyed being “surprised” by our share, we found that having some choices adds to our enjoyment of our food and assists in meal planning. Thanks so much for this innovation!” - Jennifer S.

“My husband and I loved the choice program. We had zero waste because the freedom of choosing those things we liked meant everything was used. It also gave us the freedom to skip a week if we needed to and order extra when we had a dinner planned. Thank you for the new option.” - Helen K.

“The choice Winter CSA was the best thing ever!”  - Jen W.

We liked the versatility of being able to choose. Easier to use everything. - Vivian E.


Other Benefits of our CSA include:

  1. -CSA farm tours

  1. -Discounts on our other farm products

  1. -First chance at local, raw honey from Honey Pimp Apiaries delivered right to the pick-up.

  1. -Education: E-books, recipes, Instructional videos and curated video play list. Plus one-on-one help!

  1. -Access to our private Facebook group for recipes and support

  1. -Flexible payment plans

  1. - Vacation holds

  1. -“Tier One” priority of our other sell-out CSA programs.

  1. -A deeply discounted copy of the PrairiErth Farm Cookbook.

  1. -A weekly e-newsletter with recipes, farm news and more!

  1. -Access to other local farmer’s products! 

  1. -Excellent “YOU-FOCUSED” customer service!

  1. -Fresher, more delicious & nutritious food. Your veggies are usually picked within 8-12 hours of your pick up meaning you get the most flavor, most nutrients, more bang for your buck! Our produce lasts so long so less waste too!

Contact us for more information or with questions! Email: Katie@prairierthfarm.com